Small Business Management

Chukri Hreische, Instructor
Central High School, East Campus

Placement Recommendations:
This class is open to all students at Central High School. Student must be in 11th or 12th grade and/or at least 16 years old. It is also recommended that the student have completed an Introduction to Business or Entrepreneurship class.

Course Description:
Everything you need to know about owning your own business is the foundation of this course. This course will challenge your decision-making skills while helping you make spontaneous decisions. Students will engage in career analysis and research, analyze situations and opportunities, create problem-solving scenarios, and develop career, business, and marketing plans. The course includes project-based learning where students will be running the student store on campus and performing real cash transactions. This course is ideal for the student who is interesting in owning his or her own small business.

Class Advisors

All ROP teachers are required to maintain a list of advisors. These advisors are community members that work in fields related to their class, and help to advise them of current trends in the industry.