Central ROP Vision Statement

The vision of the Central Unified Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is to prepare every student for success in college, career, and community.

Fresno ROP Philosophy

The philosophy of the Fresno and Central Unified Regional Occupational Programs is founded on the realization that high quality technical and career training opportunities are essential to meet the ever-changing needs of both our students and communities.

Fresno and CUSD ROPs provide leadership in career technical education. Further, ROP classes provide multi-faceted leadership in employment preparation, the upgrading of skills of those employed, and career preparation emphasizing post-secondary education. Based upon rapidly changing technology, increased employer demands, and the necessity of lifelong learning, career preparation is our primary objective and the high school age student is our first priority of service.

To ensure a quality career technical education program that serves the needs and interests of the students of Central Unified, Fresno ROP annually provides a systematic review of individual programs and services.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Quality career technical education is built on the foundation of highly-qualified instructors preparing students with the skills necessary to enter their chosen career and/or continue into post-secondary education. Because of this, our goal is that every ROP Course will prepare each student to:

  • Perform course-specific skills
  • Demonstrate employability skills
  • Apply academics in the course content area
  • Be a conscientious worker
  • Be prepared to make post-secondary choices