Medical Careers

Steven Holdridge, Instructor
Central High School, West Campus

Placement Recommendations:
This class is open to all students at Central High School. Student must be in 11th or 12th grade and/or at least 16 years old. It is also recommended that the student have completed a Biology course.

Course Description:
This course is designed to provide opportunities for students to learn transferable skills related to entry-level health careers, explore career options, and become knowledgeable about postsecondary educational requirements as related to such career options. The course introduces the students to health care, placing an emphasis on a set of core skills and knowledge that is applicable to many different health care disciplines.
Upon completion of this course, students are prepared to take ROP Nursing Services.

Class Advisors

All ROP teachers are required to maintain a list of advisors. These advisors are community members that work in fields related to their class, and help to advise them of current trends in the industry.